Who Is The Need For Cognition? Essay

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Through out time there has been a consistent use of tactics aimed to persuade and influence individuals in every aspect of their lives including their political views, their decisions in regards to military service, and even their choices of what foods they should or should not consume. Within the realm of advertising, there are numerous techniques in which advertisers can persuade other people to believe in their product, ideals, and/or actions. These different techniques include; Social Identifications, a Need for Cognition, Appeals to Emotions with a focus on triggering fear and enthusiasm, an Appeal to Association, and the utilization of images and music to elicit an emotional response. These techniques can reach individuals no matter their sex, race, religion, political affiliation, age, or level of intelligence. A large part of being successful at advertising is being capable of understanding the behavior and the different types of personality that resides within consumers. In order to do so, the need for cognition must be studied. For the need for cognition, the portions that are studied more often are the motivational factors as well as the individuals’ placement on the Need for Cognition Scale. This scale measures an individuals’ interest in complex thinking in relevance to their level of motivation. It has been observed that when an individual scores high on this scale then they will more likely find intellectual stimulations and thinking critically as enjoyable.

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