Who Is The Top Birthing A Seasoned Successful? Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it was like coming from a low-income family? To struggle financially but somehow managed to overcome every obstacle faced resulting in success along with continued success? Well I know I did; in order to further educate myself on what the life of an African American man whose family immigrated from Somalia to provide a more fulfilling life with plenty of opportunities to become someone great. Although the road to success was not easy, David King made it happen. He went through adversities where at times he did not believe he would be able to make it, within those moments of defeat and failure David arose to the top birthing a seasoned successful 40-year-old man whom shared his amazing story with me. What is admiring about David that I took out of this interview is his ambition to always be one step ahead, as well as to working hard to become a better version of himself. Despite not having the push he felt he needed to become this successful he managed to make it all happen with some help from people he has encountered in his life time. Currently, David is happily married balancing working on his career in Social Work working with the LGBT community more specifically the LGBT youth, while raising three kids and maintaining his home in Long Island. “It is not easy, and at times it can be overwhelming. The best advice I give to the people I come into contact with is to always remember to make time for yourself; that is how I survive, always find a

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