Why Animal Shelters Need To Do Home Checks

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When adopting a dog, most people worry about which type of animal they want and the price they are willing to pay. Adopting at shelters is easier because of the opportunity of hearing their story and falling in love with the animal. After finding the right soulmate, there is a process that everyone must go through. First, there is a test to make sure the animal loves its soon to be owner. Then, there is paperwork, and finally there is a home check to make sure the animal will be safe. Sadly, many shelters around the world are too lazy for a thirty minute home check, making some animal’s lives endangered. I believe all shelters need to do home checks because they will provide the reassurance that the animal will be free of abuse and will be…show more content…
Doing a home check while having the animal up for adoption there would provide the reassurance that the animal is comfortable in their new forever home. It would make sure they do not get scared of objects or people in the environment. This would help lower the euthanasia percent for animals as well. In the article, “Animal Shelter Euthanasia” by the website AnimalHumane, sixty-four percent of animals attack because of aggression, overcrowding, or objects that they are scared of. Studies from “When Dogs Attack” by the website CesarsWay, says that many animals attack due to loud noises or large objects in the home. Some animals get so scared they could bite someone’s fingers off! They are frightened and use attacking as a self-defense method. Then, innocent animals are euthanised because of those attacks. It is dreadful to hear about animals who attacked because they felt scared, or were because they were in an unsafe environment. Home checks could prevent animals’ likeliness to attack because it would be obvious if the animal was comfortable in the environment. This would lower the euthanasia rate and save animal’s precious lives. Invading privacy Many people would think a shelter would be invading their home when doing a home check, and would rather go to a shelter where one doesn’t have to go through all the paperwork and wait for a home check. This process could take weeks depending on the adoption. TheShelterProject, a website, states in their article, “Pet Adoption” that owners have the right to privacy in their home or environment. Plus, shelters with home checks could take days to weeks whereas shelters without them could take minutes to an hour. It is an easier way, but not the safer
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