Why Are We Testing 120 People?

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ACTIVITY 2 – Organising the Information

Why are we testing 120 people?
When doing any research studies, there must be enough participants to make the sample representative of the target population and to also determine an anticipated effect size. However, 120 individuals (60 men and 60 women) are also being tested in order to maintain an equal gender balance in both groups for the study.
Why is there an equal balance of men and women?
It is vital, within research, that conclusions are valid for the population of interest. A sample (a smaller subsection that is inferencing back to the whole population) must be a representative to be considered (Burton, Westen & Kowalski, 2015). To have 120 participants with an equal balance of burnt male and female individuals would adequately characterize the underlining population of interest (burn patients). An equal balance of both genders also enables counterbalancing to take place with ease as well as show any corresponding data to draw unambiguous conclusions about the cause and effect of the study.
Why are we taking two measurements from each person at each therapy session?
To evaluate the effectiveness of the therapies, measurements of participants’ self-reported procedural pain were taken before and after each therapy session in order to determine the reliability (ability of the measure to produce consistent measurements over time). Measures are a solid means to determine the value of a variable (therefore the reliability of a

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