Why Are You The Person For This Job?

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In one snappy line... why are you the person for this job? I operate in the ‘now’, because every ‘now’ is an opportunity of creative action. If you want to work with someone who acts on and propagates the potential of every ‘now’ - then act on me now! I have an expiration date, just like every other human being! What are you passionate about? Individual potential. And how the realisation of that potential – whatever it may be - can lead to a fuller life lived. And I am not just talking about my own potential. I am talking about everyone’s potential. Every human being. Because every human being is an agent of forbidable creative action! We are just very bad at accessing it, at encouraging it, at educating it. The problem is that every human being is waiting for the right time to do their thing, but really they are waiting for someone to come along to hand it to them – we all want a handout. However, life is not like that, there is never a right time to do something, it is just a story we tell ourselves after the fact. We’re all stories in the end and I think our goal in life should be to live life in colour and leave time with a good story to tell. Not let someone else take charge of our stories and force us to keep our heads down, buried in the sand! It’s on us to figure out how to author our own stories by proatively acting on the infintie potential waiting to be created within every moment, every ‘now’of every life and every human being. It is easy not to act, to play it

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