Why Bureaucracy Is The Most Efficient Form Of Organisation

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Max Weber a German historian wrote about the emergence of bureaucracy from more traditional organizational forms nd it 's rising pre-eminance in modern society. He stated that bureaucracy is the most efficient form of organisation. Under bureaucracy, organisation has a well-defined line of authority. It has clear rules and regulations which are strictly followed. According to him, there are three types of power in an organisation 1. Traditional Power, 2. Charismatic Power, and 3. Bureaucratic Power Or Legal Power. The characteristics or features of Bureaucratic Organisation are as follows 1. There is a high degree of Division of Labour and Specialisation. 2. There is a well defined Hierarchy of Authority. 3. It follows the principle of Rationality, Objectively and Consistency. 4. There are Formal and Impersonal relations among the member of the organisation. 5. Interpersonal relations are based on positions and not on personalities. 6. There are well defined Rules and Regulations. There rules cover all the duties and rights of th employees. These rules must be strictly followed. 7. There are well defined Methods for all types of work. 8. Selection and Promotion is based on Technical qualifications. 9. Only Bureaucratic or legal power is given importance. Criticism. Bureaucratic organisation is a very rigid type of organisation. It does not give importance to human relations. It is suitable for government organisations. It is also suitable for organisations where change is
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