Why Did International Peace Collapsed?

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-Introduction. Why did international peace collapsed by 1939? When Hitler came to power in 1933 he promised many things to the Germans and told them how he was going to save Germany from the crisis that was made by the democratic leaders. His main policy points were, firstly he wanted to destroy the ToV because he hated them, and thought it was unfair many of his people lost territory, money, and mostly honor because of the ToV and he wanted to unite all Germans to make them pay. Para. 1 When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 he pledged to reverse the Treaty of Versailles and to make German territory bigger. He was compromised to take this actions he had promised them in 1924 just if he was chosen into power. In 1933 people liked his promises so they elected him so he could make them come true. The treaty was constantly defeated, Hitler believed the Treaty was unfair and it make Germany look weak. If Hitler was going to destroy the Treaty of Versailles he could also get the land that was taken from him in the Treaty. Hitler wanted to gain more territory and build an empire to increase German territory. Hitler’s ‘’people’’ were expecting the promises, so Hitler must complete them to keep Germany satisfied with their leader so they kept believing in him with no doubt. Para.2 In the 1930s there were two incidents that really tested the League of Nations, the invasion of Manchuria by Japan and the invasion of

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