Why Did the Spanish Armada Fail?

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Why did the Spanish armada fail?
The Spanish armada started in 1588 and finished around a month later. The Spanish lost dramatically for several reasons. This essay will tell you why the Spanish failed so badly and why England won.
Medina Sidonia the Spanish admiral was not as strong as the English admirals Drake and Howard for a lot of reasons. This will have caused the Spanish a major setback from winning the Spanish armada because they would not have been as strong as the English navy. Medina was not as strong as drake and Howard because he had never commanded a navy at sea before. If the Spanish had maybe chosen an admiral that had commanded at sea before they might have had a greater chance of winning.
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Another flaw was that when the Spanish fleet got scattered because drake had used explosive on the fire ship they were forced to sail around the British Isles just to arrive back home safely. Through all this time many of the Spanish ships got lost because of the bad storms. Many sailors also died because they
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