Why Do Businesses Manage Data And Use Graphics

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Lesson 10 Essay Why do businesses manage data and use graphics to reveal their overall performance standings, and what type of graphics, tables, or charts should one use to share communicating quantitative information to their business customers that’s not only effective; but easy to understand? Businesses manage data in order to review, and share information received by others; which are displayed by usage of certain graphs that indicates ones performance levels in certain areas. “However, before you can interpret data, the elements must be classified, summarized, and condensed into a manageable size; while the condensed information is meaningful and can be used to answer your research questions” (Lehman, Dufrene, Walker, 2014, p. 169). The purpose for using these type of elements is to display your findings in a way that others can relate to, by simply compiling all the data into a readable analysis technique through the usage of a computer. However, it takes careful planning as to what graphics to use, depending on what results you and the customers are currently searching for. That’s why there are certain steps to follow when gathering the necessary information before selecting the right format to put into existence for others to view. The first step is to gather the information from the survey, then input it into the computer system; so it can be categorized by importance. This system allows it to be broken down into sections, then divided into categories; by
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