Why Do Foxes Need Agility?

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1a. The civilian death instigated a riot. 2. Foxes need agility because it helps them hunt for food. 2a. I'm not an agile person because of my height. 3. The pawn shop owner tried to depreciate the ring so he could buy it off the woman for less. 3a. Since he did not want his restaurant to depreciate he fired the people who where slow workers. 4. The water cascaded down the wall out of the overflowing gutters. 4a. The blood cascaded to the floor from the dead body. 5. In order to find his lost video game the boy ransacked his room in hopes to find it. 5a. The mother ransacked the isle to find the correct baby formula for her son. 6. The child was hiding discreetly behind his mother's legs. 6a. The spy was discreet so he would not
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