Why Do People Eat Too Much Sugar

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In 1832 the first candy machine was made. Candy was really expensive because candy was rarely made. When candy became cheap, everyone ate it. People did not know that sugar was bad for them. Sugar is unhealthy because you can get diseases, tooth decay, and depression.

For instance, when you eat too much sugar you can get diseases. More than 80 percent of food in America has sugar in it. When you eat too much sugar you can get diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease. If you get diabetes, you have to take medicine every day. Also,one out of three adults is obese due to consuming too much sugar because you will crave or want sugar so you will want it.

Another key point is you can get tooth decay, which can hurt your teeth, from eating too much candy. Harmful bacteria eats the sugar and creates an acid that destroys your tooth. After a long period, tooth decay forms a cavity. If you do not treat the cavity, you could lose that tooth. If you want to
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Your brain might not function right when you have a large amount of sugar in your system and hurts your body. Depression can lead to poor eating habits and lead to eating more sugar. If you don’t get help, your depression could get worse and then they will have to go see a doctor to get help.

Diseases, tooth decay, and depression can be caused by bad sugar habits. Candy is more available now, so people eat more and more. There is too much sugar in food and drinks that Americans eat and drink today . We should cut down how much sugar we eat and stop buying so much sugary
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