Why Effective Communication Is Important For Managers

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Why Effective Communication is important for managers: Communication is the heart of everything that you do as a manager. Studies show that managers spend 80 percent of their workday Communicating. Talking, listening, presenting, and sharing information with people both inside and outside the organization. The better you are at sharing ideas and communicating with customers, clients, and the people you manage, the more you will understand people’s needs and the more successful you will be in your work. Five communication skills that distinguish “good” from “bad” supervisors or managers include being expressive speakers, empathic listeners, persuasive leaders, sensitive people, and informative managers. And here are some ways to communicate effectively at work: 1. Be a positive communicator. Research shows that the employees whose managers communicate with them in positive ways are more productive and feel more positive about their working environment. Being a positive communicator means offering appreciation, support, feedback, admiration, and encouragement. Set a positive tone. Discourage complaining, gossip, and negativity among the employees y.0.00ou manage. Avoid engaging in it yourself. You need to lead by example. Make personal connections with employees even when you are busy. Personal connections don’t have to take a lot of time. Sometimes all it takes is a simple question like, “How was your weekend?” or “How did that meeting go this morning?” Pick up the phone or

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