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1. As you take on leadership and management roles, communication becomes even more important. The higher you rise in an organization, the less time you will spend using the technical skills of your particular profession and the more time you will spend communicating. Top executives spend most of their time communicating, and businesspeople who cannot communicate well do not stand much chance of reaching the top. 2. To make your communication efforts as effective as possible, focus on making them practical, factual, concise, clear, and persuasive: * Provide practical information. Give recipients useful information, whether it is to help them perform a desired action or understand a new company policy. * Give facts rather than …show more content…

* Fostering brand communities. Social networking is playing an important role in the rapid spread of brand communities, groups of people united by their interest in and ownership or use of particular products. 9. 1. The email subject line is one of the most important parts of an email message because it helps recipients decide which messages to read and when to read them. To capture your audience's attention, make your subject lines informative and compelling. Go beyond simply describing or classifying your message; for example, "July sales results" accurately describes the content of the message, but "July sales results: good news and bad news" is more intriguing. I personally have never thought about making the subject line more interesting, I was directed that it should be short, simple and to the point. It seems like a good idea to have people drawn in to the email instead of simply informing them of its content. 2. Activate a signature file, which automatically pastes your contact information into every message you create. I always thought these were specifically for companies and schools and that you had to have a specific software to have your signature and information, I never knew that everyone could create a signature file. 10. A. I think for the technical support service for people trying to use their digital music players they

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