Why French Parents Are Superior By Pamela Duckerman

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Parenting one of the most important and rewarding task for a human being according to almost every person that has experienced the “excitement and joy” of having a child, I put in quotations the “joy and excitement” because it’s not in reality always like that. Definitely everyone has their own style and liberty to educate their children however they feel will make their children acceptable to society. There are millions of different parenting styles in the U.S., now let’s imagine the billions of different parenting styles in the world. Pamela Druckerman , the author the article “Why French Parents Are Superior” analyzes two parenting styles that she personally experience, Druckerman makes a clear point on how this two parenting style differentiate …show more content…

Pamela first experienced this realization of the differences between Americans and French parenting when her family (husband and an eighteen-month-old toddler) decided to go on a summer holiday. They made a stop at a restaurant were inevitably Bean was making a tantrum scene, playing and making a mess meanwhile her mom and dad tried to rush their meal to be done as soon as possible. But as she looked around, she noticed that there were a lot of kids the same age as Bean but the difference was that incredibly everyone behaved and no tantrums could be spotted. This intrigued Pamela Druckerman to investigate what was the secret of such behavior. In order to understand the reasons why Druckerman we will analyze the comparisons between the French and American parenting and the reason why French parents have an advantage over other …show more content…

Meal manners are really different in France, American toddlers simply don’t know how wait, Pamela considers that the key of French education is “the simple act of learning how to wait” (Druckerman, 2012). For French parents is extremely important to let their children be happy with their self, not depending on others attention (Druckerman, 2012), meanwhile American parents don’t consider this as a must learn task to the education of their children. Pamela mentions the “marshmallow test” created by Walter Mischel where he tested the patience of four and five years old, he placed a marshmallow on the table and leaved the toddlers unattended, they had the option to eat the marshmallow right away or wait and get two, he found out that toddlers could only wait 30 seconds and only a few waited 15 minutes (Druckerman , 2012). Why is this relevant to Druckerman’s observation of French toddlers? Simply, because they know how to wait, they know how to distract themselves, they would be part of the toddlers that waited the 15 full minutes because they know how to wait (Druckerman ,

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