Why Hunting Shouldn T Be Banned

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Why Hunting Shouldn’t Be Banned

My dad has taken my brother and me hunting for as long as I can remember. Every time we killed a deer, we had meat for several months. My parents didn’t have to buy as much meat because we hunted. My brother and I also learned a lot of life skills from hunting. We shared many great memories as a family because of our stories and jokes we told each other. The purpose of this research is to show how hunting can benefit families by giving them food, and also allowing families to spend time together. Hunting doesn’t only benefit families; it also controls the population of animals. If a ban is set on hunting, many families will be negatively affected.

A population is all the inhabitants of a particular area. It’s natural for a population to increase and decrease. But, the rising questions are causing uproar: “Is hunting bad?” and “Does hunting impact animal populations?” The answer is no, hunting is not bad, and it impacts the population in a beneficial way. It keeps the population in control which keeps diseases to a minimum. Without hunting, animals would be overpopulated, therefore, they would be fighting over limited food resources. The animals would be pushed toward the cities in search of
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We have hunting seasons because it gives the animal herd time to reproduce and continue a natural life cycle. This is another reason hunting is conservation and not just a “sick game.” It is conservation because hunters keep a balanced amount of animals in the wild. Along with the seasons, by law, hunters are only allowed to kill a certain amount of game animals. By setting the number of game to be harvested, it prevents hunters from dwindling out the amount of one species. If hunting was banned, more animals would die from starvation, vehicle collisions, and disease because of overpopulation. So why not let hunters protect and benefit from the
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