Why I Don 't Go For A Run

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A lot of people dislike running and the thought of getting up super early in the morning to go for a run can seem even more daunting. However, I hold a different view because if I don’t go for an early morning run, I feel tired and terrible for the whole day. It all began in high school, when i joined Cross country and track in my freshmen year. I really started to enjoy running and was quite good at it. During winter break, we didn 't have practices and we were supposed to run on our own. Therefore, I used to make time to run in the evenings everyday during the break. One day on break, I was supposed to be busy the whole day and decided that I wouldn 't find time to run, so I decided to wake up early and finish my run. This was one of the best decisions I had ever made, because It helped me developed a good habit that i follow till this day and helps me stay healthy. That morning getting up was hard but once I got out of the bed it was easy. I drank a glass of water and ate a banana. Since it was winter, I also put on my gloves and a warm hat. With my bright blue shoes laced up, i left my house and the experience I had is the reason I wake up early to run everyday. Right off the bat during my run, it felt strange. There were no sounds of cars! It was oddly quiet except for a few birds chirping here and there. It felt really peaceful. There was a mild fog that made the scene even more interesting. Since it was winter the houses were decorated with Christmas lights as well
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