Why I Started Working With Dontae

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When I started working with Dontae I tried to be open minded and not interact with him with theories floating around in my mind. I was taught in my undergraduate career that conversations with your clients should feel natural and because I was nervous to showcase my abilities at a new placement I did not want say the wrong thing and to ruin my ability to make a deep connection with Dontae later. In addition I considered that Dontae may not be his true self for at least a week because he would be new to the program and not know any or many of the other residents. I decided during the initial intake that although I had read all the faxed documents and psychiatric evaluations on Dontae that I would speak to him and determine for myself what was going on for him.
During Dontae’s initial week at MTR I observed Dontae’s interactions with others and assessed his coping skills. I introjected myself into what he was doing to ensure that he adjusted well to MTR staff and residents. I began to formulate some thoughts as to what was happening for Dontae but tried to keep an open mind about him as a person. Moreover during the course of my work with Dontae I began by making sure that I aligned myself with Dontae and made sure that he understood that I was here to help him rather than hurt him. I made sure that Dontae felt like I cared about him and that he understood that his all-around wellbeing is a priority for me. My purpose for aligning myself with Dontae and creating a working
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