Why Is Donald Trump Effective

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While having voted for a period, it took a certain understanding of my learned behavior and involvement within the political scope of life; which for me construes politics is as usual. However, when evaluating an effective president after his first 100, I would choose Donald Trump. In contrast to Trump, I would have to say an ineffective president was Lyndon B. Johnson.
For me, I believe Present Trump is effective mainly due to his leadership style. Donald Trump is no different than any other effective leader. Just as principals have the power to change the climate, Trump has changed society. Leithwood, Seashore, Anderson, & Wahlstrom (2004) wrote, “So “effective” or “successful” leadership is critical to school reform” (p.6). While I do not buy into politics nor vote, Trump’s effective qualities stem from his business background, confidence, decision maker, and goal …show more content…

With riots, Trump also signed legislation that makes it easier for states to refuse Planned Parenthood funding and scraps an attempt by Obama to help cities and counties create retirement savings programs for private-sector workers, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as education secretary and Trump signed the travel ban. While not all his decisions agree with everyone, he is effective by his ability to arouse, retain, and direct the public. Therefore, I believe his leadership style is distinctively magnetic and non- deliberative. About Lyndon B. Johnson, he could have been more effective in dealing with the diplomatic attacks that exposed the United States for being stubborn and deceitful; especially being tumultuous, but pivotably time in history with African Americans. As a president who wanted to be known as an “education president,” his advice was coming from a different perception of thinking. “When we think of leaders in formal administrative roles, the greater the challenge the greater the impact of their actions on learning” (Leithwood, Seashore, Anderson, & Wahlstrom,

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