Why Is Dynamic Balance Important In Tennis

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Allan (2008) defines speed as how quickly the body/ body part can be moved. Speed is very important in tennis as highlighted by Parsons (1998) who states that a tennis player on average will run 3 metres per shot and 8-12 metres per point. Another component of tennis is cardiovascular endurance which is defined by Allan (2008) as is the ability of the body to supply oxygen and nutrients to, and remove waste from, working muscles over an extended period of time. With matches being reported by Fernandez-Fernandez (2009) lasting on average 1.5hours but with a range of 1 to 5 hours it shows the importance of a good cardiovascular system. Further example to this is the John Isner -Nicolas Mahut Wimbledon Match in 2010 which lasted 11 hours. According…show more content…
From which Samson (2005) states that improving dynamic balance promotes tennis performance. Allan (2008) describes agility as changing direction at speed and with control. As previously mentioned earlier by Parsons (1998) movement in tennis is directional and requires lateral, forward and backwards movement. This is supported by Miller (2001) who states that agility deals with the changes in direction and the ability to effectively couple eccentric and concentric actions in ballistic movements. According to Konstantinos (2008) reaction times and first step quickness are important determinants of a player’s performance. Little (2015) says that tennis players have to react constantly to the opponents shots and quickly coordinate a response. Allan (2008) defines reaction time as the time taken to act upon a stimulus. Lastly, flexibility is another essential component in tennis as LTA (2007) suggest that players have to do continuous bending, stretching and twisting of the body to reach and hit the ball. Allan (2008) defines flexibility as a range of movements at a
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