Why Is Gpr Prove As A Game Changer?

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The implementation of GDPR will prove as a game changer for U.S marketers
As it seems to be fascinating at the beginning but it will be going to have an influence over the trade treaty of U.S with other countries as well it will inevitably increase in the company regulation as well adding more to it U.S companies will be responsible for the use of data by processors as well. As legal responsibility of data protection lies with the controller. As it indicates that the processors and controller will be held severally and jointly liable for the protection of data with the claims as well. As an example, one may go through the case of
(Google Spain v APED and Mario Costeja Gonzalez)
In this case EU court of justice has established the “Right …show more content…

• He must be provided with all the resources to carry out all the tasks and functions appropriately.
• DPO must provide report of its functioning and duties to the highest level of management and other person on higher post.
• He must function in such a manner that will not result in conflict of interest of related parties.
Advantages GDPR is offering to U.S companies
As like other advantages of data security and data controlling it will possess the same advantages to the U.S companies as well which can be listed as follows:
• GDPR will provide lasting network of the companies in which transparency would be maintained and internal governance would be benefitted which will enhance the internal economies and well contribute to the country’s economy.
• Craig Aaron president and CEO of net neutrality expressed his views that one need to function in stringent he said that in U.S government is more concerned with monetizing with personal data but EU companies is concerned to protect the same.
• It will provide more advantages to U.S companies as they will provide wide range of customer base as one can earn brand image when one will treat the customer’s data more privately in the comparison of your competitors.
• Building of digital trust
• It will

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