Why Is Independence Important

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All I can say about being a teenager is that it’s strange. Sometimes the aspects of life that my peers, and I, think are important, are really just stupid and inconsequential. Take, for example, technology. A lot of my peers might ask, “Is that the iPhone 7?” or “Are you getting the new MacBook Pro?” But what significance will all of those devices have in just a couple of years? What about grades, or being active in your community? The newest iPhone won’t help you get into a better college, or help that interviewer decide whether or not you should get the job. As teenagers, this is the point in our lives where it’s most important to distinguish between the importance of tasks and ideas and prioritize as much as possible. The habits we form now are going to be very hard to break later on, and as we gain more independence from our parents, it our own responsibility to build those good habits. Independence is great, right? I would say some aspects are, but others make…show more content…
Finish the task with the greatest priority first, then work your way down. When doing homework, put your phone away, it will still be there when you finish. In fact, avoid as many distractions as possible so that you’re not tempted to lose focus. There is no reason you should have to stay up past midnight like I had to.
When I look back at my time in school, this is what I regret the most. I always spent so much of my time on my phone talking to friends when I should have been doing my homework. In a lot of cases, this is the reason that I even had to stay up well past midnight sometimes. I lost focus on what was important. Realistically, it’s impossible to eliminate distractions, or manage my time perfectly, but as I look forward to college and beyond, I hope to strongly develop and use good time management in all aspects of my
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