Why Is It Better To Work With Others

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Two Heads are Better Than One In many classes and careers, people have the opportunity to work either individually, or with others. There are numerous careers that require their employees to work with a partner. For example, writers and authors have to work with editors in order for their articles and novels to be published. I think working in a group is much more effective. I believe it is more beneficial to work with others because more than one input is considered, individuals are not forced to do everything alone, and it improves communication skills. When working with a group, more than only one opinion is taken into consideration. If a group of students are working on a project, multiple opinions are used to improve the final product.…show more content…
Personalities that are able to work with a group of people tend to communicate well with others. Collaborating with a group could help one learn to be open-minded and accept new ideas. For example, when trying to find an answer to a logical problem, that may seem complex to only one person, different members of the group may have different solutions. A variety of opinions could also open a discussion so that one can converse with their peers, which will improve the understanding of the given subject. Perceptions of the situation could be different, as well as how the problem is approached. Overall, I think working in a group or as a team, in comparison to working alone, is much simpler and more beneficial. Working with others is more beneficial because more than one opinion is taken into consideration, no one is forced to accomplish a task by themselves, and enhances the ability to work well with others. Based on the previous reasons, I believe working a group is much more efficient than working individually. Collaborating with others will also be an indication of whether or not students can handle responsibility, which most employers pay attention
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