Why Is Leadership Style Important

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Why is Leadership Style Important?
By John Cronkite Ed.D. www.dirigoconsulting.com
A Few Reminders from Last Month: One of the most significant strengths of an effective leader is the ability to create a positive work climate. In an outstanding organizational climate, people are energized to do their best work, free of unnecessary distractions. Climates that energize workers to produce their very best can improve results by as much as 30 percent. What’s New This Month: Up to 70 percent of an employee’s perception of organizational climate can be traced directly to the actions of you as the organization’s leader. More than anyone else, you as the boss create the conditions that determine people’s ability to work well. Research by David
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Four of the styles when used consistently over time had a positive impact on climate and results. The other two styles were only effective when used in the short term to address specific performance or business issues. If they were used on a regular basis there was a negative impact on the workplace climate. Styles with a Positive Impact on Climate: In this newsletter, I’ll address two leadership styles that have a positive impact on climate. In the July newsletter, I’ll address additional styles. Visionary: This style was found to have the most positive impact on climate. Leaders who used this style consistently drove up each of the aspects of climate (refer to the Change Ability Challenge issues number four and five, So I Can’t Do This Alone and Getting the Best From Your People, for a description of the specific climate factors). o Primary objective: Mobilizing people toward a long term direction and vision What does it look like when the leader is using this style? Articulating where the group is going but not how it will get there Keeping others engaged through dialogue about their perspective Taking time to help people see how their work fits into the big picture Monitoring performance toward the established goals to reach the vision Providing feedback to people to
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