Why Is Pixar Successful

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Problem Pixar was successful, however after all it is only a content company. If it intent to promote this sustainable development, it is necessary to complement many link such as issue, business (" cars "how to earn $4 billion?), channel (cinema and television)...These things are apparently Pixar don't want to do, also not good at doing. Pixar was director George Lucas's computer graphics company, although this team includes a large number of technology and art talents they have full enthusiasm, however its main business is responsible for producing electricity, shadow effects or virtual background. See these genius will spend the rest of their life in the "to do good for others, George Lucas just suffered a divorce, continue to sell some assets. A famous quote is "Titan Nick’s sink, for the great tragedy of tourists are the ship, but for unexpected salvation of all kinds of fish and shrimp in the kitchen, is the miracle of life." Solution In 2006, Disney bought Pixar for $7.6 billion. After years of making successful movies for Disney, the media giant finally acquired Pixar for a whopping $7.4 billion. Steve Jobs became the largest Disney shareholder, holding about 7% of the company's shares. With the emergence of a batch of new animation company,…show more content…
In recent years the and Disney released technology integration to the theme park experience strategy, including patent launched cartoon robot, the application of virtual reality, Disney research center has also proposed a new concept about wireless charging system. I can say, Disney cartoon world intent through black technology to continuously introduce attractive products wish is to have long some, also can with the help of apple's extensive user base improve the dissemination of content products and expand their
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