Why Is Smartphone Not So Smart Parenting

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Smartphone; Not-So-Smart Parenting The article Smartphone, Not-So-Smart Parenting discusses how parents are so attached to their devices that they do not pay enough attention to their own children. Parents using their devices in front of their children, is starting to become a serious issue because children are starting to feel neglected. Children have tried to get their parents’ attention while they focus on their devices, but that usually results in physical or verbal abuse. The reason why parents respond so harshly is because they do not like being distracted while being on their devices. This is pretty ironic since parents take their children to the park while doing work on their phones because they believe they are multitasking. It is …show more content…

Electronics are not the only thing taking parents’ attention away from their children, but also little things like hobbies and work. The information from this article can help parents be more aware of how devices are affecting the relationship they have with their kids. They can apply the information from this article to practical experience by doing the complete opposite and not being part of the …show more content…

The article could educated people on the usage of technology. Children are the main ones being neglected, but couples and pets also feel neglected when their partner or owner is constantly on their device. This article helps bring awareness on how devices can cause others to feel neglected, however, most people do not do it intentionally. By reading this article people can find ways to minimize their use of devices and finding ways to spend more time with their family and

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