Why Is Standardized Testing Necessary Essay

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Imagine being slouched over a test booklet thinking,”A,B,C or D, which one is it?” Who wants to go through that? Standardized tests are not necessary for student to take. They stress out some people, testing takes to long to complete, and the results take too long to return.

To begin with, tests stress out some people. Teachers feel they need to teach students everything on the test, so they are rushed to do so. Also kids become self-conscious and nervous when taking the test because they feel like they will fail. Others may claim that it depends on the person, and it is worth it because most everyone does okay in the end, but they don’t know they will do well, so it worries them. In the end testing can be stressful for not just students, but everyone involved.
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It takes twenty to twenty-five hours to complete. Another reason it takes too long is it normally overlaps. Although others may say it teaches patience and that the amount of time they are taking proves they are taking their time, but who has the patience for hours of tests a day? For the reasons listed above, testing, overall, takes up too much time.

Consequently, the results take too long to return. For some, it takes up to four months for the results to return. Also some teachers started a new school year without knowing a kid was struggling. Critics may state that it is hard to grade seven billion tests and get them back on time, but if it takes too long they should cut down on the tests, so they wouldn’t have to grade as many. As a result, many results take too long to return.

Finally, students should not take standardized tests. They stress out some people, they take too long to complete, and the results take too long to return. If students didn’t have to take standardized tests, then the future would look a lot less stressful and time
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