Why It Should Be Mandatory For Every Canadian Essay

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Introduction Before the educational system as we know it formed, indigenous children from all across Canada were, in most cases, taken from their families to be put into industrial schools (later known as residential schools). These church-run schools were made to Westernize Indigenous children making them forget their culture, language, and previous way of life. Brutally punishing them if they disobeyed the rules. It is hard to believe these schools were being run from the early 19th century up to not long ago in 1996. Most people in Canada were never taught about the traumatic past the indigenous youth endured for so long. So why aren’t all Canadians educated on our dark past? The goal of this paper is to explain why it should be mandatory for every Canadian to learn about the history of residential schools. Background While being at the residential school’s students endured, physical, mental, and even in some cases sexual abuse. The children were anywhere from 4-16 years old. For the most part students were taken from their families to be put into the schools, but there were also a couple cases where parents took their kids there because the schools advertised in a way that made them look good, so parents thought they were doing something good for their kids. Little did they know it quite possibly could have been the last time they saw their child alive. During the time spent at the residential school, students were not allowed to see their family. It was

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