Why Psychology Is The Anxiety Disorder

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When most people think of psychology they think of therapists and psychological disorders but it’s not, Psychology is much more. Psychology is a rigorous science that’s based on methodical observation and laboratory studies. Which also includes the knowledge in various fields, including problems of treatment of mental illnesses. The four main Psychological concepts that applies to the life of a TV/ Radio Host is Anxiety, Stress, Burnout and Coping. In today’s age of technology there are several avenues where people can receive information pertaining to news, culture and society. For the last half-century of changes in the Media and communications technologies are transforming individual lives and global economics every day. On July. 22, 2011, Norwegian terrorist detonated 950 kilo car bomb close to several government buildings in the city of Oslo, killing eight people and severely injuring 10. Before he was arrested, he had killed 69 people between 14 and 51 years of age, and physically injured 56. (Kristensen 2016)

The first concept that applies psychology is the Anxiety disorder. Some may wonder how do we rule the psychological concept as a disorder? Many psychologists agree that an emotion is the most diverse concept in psychology because they don’t generally last as long. The psychological concept states that an emotion can be subjective or can have inner experience. According to Charles Darwin, the evolutionary perspective seeks to understand the…
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