Why Restaurants Are The Key Part Of Civilization's Economy, Hospitality Industry, Social Lives, And Necessity

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Restaurants are a key part to civilization’s economy, hospitality industry, social lives, and necessity for food. They will always be present in the world. Weather or not they succeed is up to them and their marketing strategies. There are various forms of marketing that restaurants can utilize. Restaurants like McDonalds use their reliability as a marketing strategy, wherever you are, there is a McDonalds nearby, weather you’re road tripping across the country or staying overseas. Other restaurants market with happy hour deals, or coupons, showing off their reduced prices to entice customers. “The major marketing mix tools are classified into four broad groups, called the 4 Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. To deliver on…show more content…
Lastly, when a firm focuses on marketing their promotions they advertise their coupons, specials deals, or BOGO offers. Promotions are anything that draws in a customer and makes them think they are getting a better deal on the product. QSR recently wrote an article about up and coming business Burger 21 describing their way of marketing. Burger 21 focuses on their product to draw in customers and market their business to a multitude of different people with varying tastes. The first Burger 21 opened in the fall of 2010 in Tampa, Florida. Since then, it has expanded into a chain throughout the south. One of their goals was to “bring people of all ages together to enjoy innovative and delicious recipes for gourmet burgers, fries, salads, shakes, and more in a modern and fun environment” (“Our Story- Burger 21, para. 4). They created a restaurant based off of a new and rising concept of gourmet burgers. Burger 21 is a combination of fast food and sit down service restaurant, gourmet quality burgers with the quick service. They took an idea a simple as the hamburger and modified it into dozens of different unique tasting burgers. Providing a product with a new concept, gourmet burgers, entices customers to visit Burger 21 and spend their money. Burger 21’s main focus is supplying customers with quality all American dining for the family with multiple generations. In order to get these families into their dining
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