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TOTAL should grant me a scholarship because I am willing to climb the extra hike. Not because I literally do like hiking, but figuratively, I persevere to achieve my goal thus no extras I wouldn't do. Nowadays, my peers are reluctant to have anything to do with Indonesian government, let alone working as government officials. But the question is, "if it's not us, Indonesian youths, then who will mend Indonesia?" If there is a broken sewer, there has to be someone who should get down, get dirty to repair the sewer. There would be no change if none willing to get their hands dirty. I am willing to do what it takes to help Indonesia to be more sustainable. I believe, it is not to oppose, but to strengthen the government instead. TOTAL should…show more content…
I studied for a semester in the best university in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University, that has many international students. From Thailand exchange network, I am starting to understand mostly the culture of South-East Asians, in addition several nations outside ASEAN. In tourism context, I perceive that Indonesia is similar with Cambodia that is as exotic and astounding tourism spots as Thailand but managed worse. Indonesia's tourism spots that even more attractive than Malaysia yet has worse tourism management than Malaysia. I intend to learn about European values of conducting sustainable life. The lesson that I would like to take home and the good things could be the example of Indonesia and ASEAN. I would like to get to know French culture directly, especially libert←, ←galit←, fraternit←. A year of French class certainly does not suffice, I want to understand French culture directly to be able to build understanding between Indonesia and France. From there I am hoping it could improve Indonesia and France's cooperation through cultural and education channel. TOTAL should grant me the scholarship because I am a hard-worker and a problem-solver. I grew up in middle to low class economy family. When all my friends get to have English private lessons, I can't, due to restricted financial resources. I ended up learning English by myself by watching movies and series. Thanks to FRIENDS series, I was able to improve my English to the point where I

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