Project Management : A New Modern Architect Building

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Project management refers to a systematic and planned attempt to achieve a specified unique task. For instance, constructing a new modern architect building or implementing TQM in a manufacturing organization or organizing an international event, all this need to structured, planned and well-organized. Since different projects are conducted and managed by people, and are involved in the whole project process, i.e. from initiating to conclusion. Thus, the project management domain not only needs a well-organized and competent manager, but also a good effective leader who will lead the team in most efficacious manner. The essay elaborate and addresses the importance, necessity and role of leadership, discussing how it works and ways to enhance the effectiveness of project teams.
Salas, Dickinson, Converse and Tannenbaum (1992) stated a good definition of 'team ' as; A distinguishable set of two or more people interact, interdependently towards the common goal and mission, and have been assigned unique and specified role to perform, and who got a limited life span of membership. This refers to a higher interdependency among team members. This interdependence needs communication and harmonization among its members to achieve team goals. Thus, the success of team requires appropriate individual member contribution and best way in which these contributions combined into team response. (Hinsz, Tindale, & Vollrath, 1997)
Since, Leader is a person who laid down the directions in an

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