Why The Team Members Are Skilled Enough For The Task

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a) You would like to volunteer your team for this task. What would you need to consider before doing this?
Before becoming the volunteer, following things need to be considered.
I. Whether the team members are skilled enough for the task.
II. Whether we can spare time for the event.
III. Whether we the member has project related work experience.
IV. What are the benefits of putting hard work and time into this project
V. Whether the members of team are properly motivated and dedicated for the project.
VI. Whether the members can be dependent upon the responsibilities of the work.

b) How would you ensure you have consulted with your team effectively and identified the necessary resources required?
To ensure consultation:
I. Anonymous feedback.
II. Tackling issues before facing them.
III. Members should be present with their minds in the discussion.
For identification of resources:
I. All members have to make a list of things required.
II. All the point of views will be combined to discuss.
III. Necessary resources will be outlined
At the end expert shall be consulted to confirm the resources which we have indicated.
c) Develop a work plan/action plan for your team for this task, and briefly how would you do this. you can create this plan as you choose however you should consider the following points when developing this;

I. What is needed to be done.
II. Objectives and KPI’s of project
III. Valuable stakeholders
IV. Ground rules/code of conduct
V. Risk…
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