Why Was Theatre So Popular In American Theatre

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Back In Time Theatre has a huge effect on people not only in America but also London. The British Invasion has really shaped on how theatre is in the present day. When the british invasion came to be this was when the american director- choreographer era just ended. Around this time is when musical theatre really began to plummet. One of the reasons why theatre was in such a bad place at this time and was not popular was because the shows that were on the stage were not a success. Some of the shows at this time were Rags, Smile, and Nick and Nora. Because of the failure in shows, the runnings on broadway dropped dramatically. Within 10 years the amount of shows running went from 32 to only 19. It can be assumed that because the amount of shows dropped that attendance dropped as well. No one wanted to go watch theatre anymore so the attendance dropped from 6 million people to 4.6 million people. Theatre was so low right before the british invasion started. America welcomed the invasion because theatre was not thriving at all. If London was successful in theatre there, that would mean more tourists would travel to New York and make it more successful there as well, which it did. Theatre…show more content…
The more shows put on the more people would sell and rent props help make the sets, or just be involved in theatre somehow. Having more available jobs for people is never a bad thing. The thriving of broadway once again has helped many people be able to provide for their families and be able to put food on the table for them. This also ties in on what was happening in America during this time period. Ronald Reagan just became president. Ronald Reagan was able to bring a new control in social, economic and political life. When he did so he was able to help create more job, in the similar way that because theatre began to become popular again it created more jobs as
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