Why We Shouldn 't Change From Textbooks For Ipad ' S

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Elena Cisneros
Miss Royse
English 4
7 April 2015

Why we shouldn’t change from textbooks to iPad’s
Did you know that there are over 125 million, technically its 129,864,880, different published books in the world (Jackson)? A college student can count on spending an average of $655 per year on textbooks (Kingkade). That may seem like a lot, but college helps you with the jobs you’ll have in the future, so I think it’s worth it. Normally, if people don’t go to college they wouldn’t have as many job opportunity’s as someone who does go to college and gets a degree. Why should we stick with books instead of iPads? We should stick to textbooks because iPads are costly, can have effects on our health, and can be too distracting to students.
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Books don’t get damaged as easily and I believe we should stick to textbooks, at least in our core classes. The core classes include math, science, and English.
Furthermore, increasing iPad use is leading to a number of eye health issues that could affect your vision in years to come (“Pro”). Looking at the iPad screen for long periods of time can cause “Computer Vison Syndrome” (“Experts”). Some individuals may experience continued reduced visual abilities, such as blurred distance vision, even after they’re done on the computer/tablet (“Computer”). There have been recent evidence that iPads may cause electromagnetic interference that can disrupt a cardiac rhythm device (“IPads”). Another reason we should stick to books is that you can’t really have anything that harms you. The worst you could get would be a paper cut or getting your finger stuck under the book. Also, books can give you a more personal feeling (MacManus).
Another point is that they are distracting. “The first issue that teachers often encounter in the classroom when using iPads is that students find creative ways to distract themselves in class” (Silagadze) Some schools ban phones in class rooms or they have it so you can only have use it after you 're done with your work, so does bringing iPad 's into classrooms benefit teaching our next generation (Thompson)? Even I have to admit that during school when we were supposed to be doing work, I end up checking on
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