Why We Shouldn 't Change From Textbooks For Ipad ' S

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Elena Cisneros
Miss Royse
English 4
7 April 2015

Why we shouldn’t change from textbooks to iPad’s
Did you know that there are over 125 million, technically its 129,864,880, different published books in the world (Jackson)? A college student can count on spending an average of $655 per year on textbooks (Kingkade). That may seem like a lot, but college helps you with the jobs you’ll have in the future, so I think it’s worth it. Normally, if people don’t go to college they wouldn’t have as many job opportunity’s as someone who does go to college and gets a degree. Why should we stick with books instead of iPads? We should stick to textbooks because iPads are costly, can have effects on our health, and can be too distracting to students.
According to ABCNews.org, a school can count on spending at least $400 per iPad. It seems like a lot, right? Don’t worry though, they can get up to a $30 discount on every unit. They’re still spending a lot because that money adds up fast with all the students and different grades. Plus, you haven’t even added more money for Wi-Fi bills. What if the kids need to do their homework that requires internet, but they don’t have any at home? They could spend the money on different things that would last longer and be more reliable. For instance, updating the school, field trips, new textbooks, etc. Also, books don’t break as easily, while on the other hand iPads do. Not all families can afford getting their kids iPads fixed and the iPads can take…

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