Why You Should Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

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Why you should maintain a healthy lifestyle Why should you maintain a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle is one in which helps to keep and improve people’s health and wellbeing by eating healthy, physical activities, weight management and stress management. The number of “unhealthy” people in the world is climbing quickly causing serious health issues and even premature death. Those who practice living a healthy lifestyle have been proven, through studies, to have improved mood and a longer life span. You should choose a healthy life style of clean eating, consistent exercise, limited drinking along with no smoking, and reduced stress because you will be at less risk for being diagnosed with deadly diseases and…show more content…
The United States Center for Disease Control stated that nearly two-thirds of America’s adult population is overweight (Ford 10). Over the last 18 years, obesity has increased from 28% to 36% (King 1). Those who are obese and overweight are most hurt by the way they look and not but how their bodies are actually affected (Ford 10). If the way your body looks isn’t enough to make you want to partake in significant life changes then you should know some of the top diet related diseases are cardiovascular disease, cancer, and stroke which are also near the top of the list in the causes of death category (Silliman 1). There are many short term health risks that are very severe including things like decreased fitness, affected energy levels, increased cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and negative mood (Ford 10). Along with these short term risks, if you continue to neglect your body with bad foods you will gain excess weight causing an increase for the risk of atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, stroke, heart attacks, and other debilitating and life threatening conditions (Ford 10). A contributing factor to how a diet can affect your body is the amount of alcohol consumed and whether or not you smoke. Smoking and body weight are directly related (Klesges 1). Most people when smoking think only of the damage being done to their lungs but it also hurts your weight in a serious way. The

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