Why the Recruitment Method of Hiring Is not Working Essay

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There are some good things that the current recruitment process is doing, since the referral recruitment method is a lot cheaper than doing another recruitment method, such as an external method. However, with that being said, clearly it is not working. I believe that it is not working since the method was established ten years before the problems came about, which means that most of the employees that were doing the referring are either quitting, or have already ran out of people to refer. Some of the strengths of the referral recruitment method would be that you as the manager do not have to spend as much time going out and trying to find applicants. Since the employees that already work in the company are doing that for you, you can…show more content…
The last external strategy I would use is social media advertising. The strategy of going to college campuses has its strengths and weaknesses. One strength that could happen is that by appealing to students who are basically ready to graduate and begin their life, they'll hear of your company and want to apply to it. This will gather a larger amount of candidates, thus increasing the potential for qualified candidates. One major disadvantage is that this requires more money, but also requires more time. The time that you could be spending doing other managerial things instead of recruiting. Like the college recruitment method, the weaknesses of the high school recruitment method are basically the same. They require time and money, however another weakness would be that high school students change their minds in college. They may get to college and realize that hospitality just isn't the perfect major for them. One advantage of going to high school students is that you are getting your company name out to younger people. They may have never heard of your company, so they definitely wouldn't apply to it. If you let them know about your company, they may become more interested in it. Lastly, social media advertisements can have both strengths and weaknesses. One strength of social media advertising is that it is relatively simple and requires very little time. You pay a little bit of money for a section on a social media website and your advertisement is up. The weakness
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