Will Our Children Or Grand Children Help?

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Will our children or grand-children need to know how to drive cars? The first self-driving cars appeared in 1980s with Carneige Mellon University 's Navlab[16] and ALV[13][14] projects in 1984, and Bundeswehr University Munich 's EUREKA Prometheus[15] project in 1987. Since then, numerous companies, researches have developed working prototypes, including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Peugeot, Nissan, Google and so on. However, the biggest breakthrough in media on autonomous car started in 2014 and especially in 2015 when numerous companies presented their prototypes. All of them promises that it will be the game changer, that it will bring cultural shifts over coming decades. But none of them addresses the problems of autonomous cars. The first problem is that AI is still far behind from predicting future movements of pedestrians, vehicles and other breathing creatures. The second problem is that due to technology limitations, cars can not fully function in roadways and dynamic environment. The third is that there is no way to encode human ethics in robots that they could decide how to behave when unavoidable crash appears. The last problem sums up on my opinion why autonomous cars will never replace a driver. Thus we will look into those three problems. 1.Harder to decide when unexpected things occur. Autonomous cars are not prepared for unexpected circumstances. One of the reason, is that path-planning algorithms for autonomous vehicles[1] do not address the problem of dynamic

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