William Chaucer 's The Miller 's Tale

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The poem, “The Miller’s Tale” by Chaucer, shows an interesting The poem, “The Miller’s Tale” by Chaucer, displays the themes of disloyalty and betrayal all the while showing humor. Chaucer associates a distinctive theme for each character in the tale to clearly portray them in order to help the reader better comprehend their role in the story. The tale is somewhat tragic yet humorous because many horrific things that happen to the characters that they did deserve. The story consists of two love triangles, in which Chaucer depicts each character’s role clearly by giving each character different types of personality. Chaucer depicts Nicholas as sly and very discreet, Alison as young, playful, attractive girl that loves showing off what she has, Carpenter as a stupid fool and old jealous husband, and lastly portrayed Absolon as very trim and proper. The characteristics of each character collide and disloyalty takes place which results in wounding people in different ways and all of them fittingly so except for Alison. The carpenter is married to the young, beautiful Alison, despite his old age. The carpenter even mentions, “Men sholde wedden after hire estaat” (3229) which means that men should wed according to their status in life. This suggests that carpenter may be a rich man and Alison married the old man for his money and since the marriage is not based on love, it leads to disloyalty that about to come. He is seen as protective and jealous of his wife throughout the
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