William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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Throughout time, in stories, there has always been a part of a story that pretty much makes the whole story. Those could be scenes. One particular form of writing, is movies, they are made up of continuous scenes. One of these scenes or scenes can be very impactful for the whole concept of the movie. One scene that comes in mind would be the “I am your father” scene from Star Wars. Everyone knows that scene, especially people who are really big star wars fans. That scene is probably their favorite of all time. But anyway, that scene changed the whole story dramatically. Other forms of writing that has scenes would be plays. What I am going to be writing about is Macbeth. The play Macbeth has a lot of very crucial scenes that make up the play and that make it very interesting. However one of the most significant scenes would be the one from act 4, scene two. There are three themes that make this scene so significant, those are: the theme of flight, the theme of manhood, and the theme of treason.
The first them in this scene is the theme of flight. This scene starts off with Lady Macduff and her son walking on stage. The theme of flight starts with her saying that her husband flew away (Macduff). When she says flight, she means that he went away. The theme of flight is very strong in this scene. When she walks on stage with her son Ross, she says that she isn’t really sure if her husband has any wisdom. She questions it because he “flew” away with no reasoning. I guess she

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