Wind Energy And Wind Power

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Wind Energy and Wind Power

Wind is an abundant resource on our planet. And this resource has particular characteristics that make it advisable for us, human beings, to utilize it in order to generate electricity.
It is considered a type of solar energy, since the wind is produced by the differences of heating of the atmosphere of our planet performed by the sun, some abnormalities on the terrain of the planet, and also the rotation of the Earth. Some conditions can alternate the patterns of the wind flow, and those conditions can be described as the planet’s topography, the presence of water, and the vegetation of the area. The movement of this wind flows can be “reaped” by turbines, which will generate electrical energy.
This process of transforming mechanical energy present in the wind into electricity occurs when the wind causes the turbine blades to spin, creating kinetic energy and also mechanical power. That power can be used to perform simple tasks, as pump water and grind grain, but it can also be converted by a generator into electricity, and that will be used to power all kinds of properties.
These turbines, used to generate energy, are very similar to the propeller blades used in airplanes. Their principle of movement is the opposite of a fan, because they collect the air that is moving in their surroundings and use that dynamism to energize an electric generator that deliveries an electric current.

Wind Turbine Types

The currently used turbines can be…

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