Wine : A Good One And Health Benefits Of Wine

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Wine - How to Pick a Good One and Health Benefits of Wine

A good bottle of vino can be more than the perfect dinner accompaniment. It can also boost your health with a dose of antioxidants! For the uninitiated, the world of wine can be overwhelming but that’s no reason to stay away! This primer will help you figure out what to look for so you can find a bottle that is delicious and healthful.

Healthy Moderation

Research consistently shows that drinking a moderate amount of wine can be beneficial. The American Heart Association defines a moderate amount as a 4 ounce serving once or twice a day. However, drinking 2 glasses per day adds up to 14 drinks per week, a bit excessive considering that the CDC classifies heavy drinking as 8 drinks a week for women and 15 for men. Since a standard bottle of wine holds about 6 servings, a good balance may be to drink about 1 bottle a week.

Drinking wine may help prevent heart attack and lower the risk of heart disease. Some evidence also shows that it may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, cataracts, and colon cancer. In addition, it may protect cognitive function by slowing brain decline and also may generally promote longevity. Check out this article from Food and Wine to read about the evidence supporting these claims.

Choosing Wine

1.Find a good source

If you have a specialty wine shop nearby, pay them a visit. Wine stores generally have knowledgeable employees and may offer tastings. Ask employees for

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