Wingding Conspiracy Theory Essay

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There are many crazy and wacky conspiracy theories that are contrived every day. Conspiracy theories can be made up by anyone, especially in today’s technology driven society. It all becomes questionable when proof is bought into the matter. Although they are not always true, people will go out of their way to think up silly things that may prove it correct. There are loads of theories that are proven to be false. Carefully dissecting each detail within the theory is the only way to be for sure whether it is true or false. Among all of the interesting conspiracy theories, are the sinister messages found in the Wingdings font. When NYC is typed in the Wingdings font in Microsoft Word, a skull and cross bones, a Star of David, and a …show more content…

This point is easily proven true. For example, if someone types the word OLD in all capital letters in Wingdings font, a flag, a sad face, and a thumbs-down hand gesture will appear. There are endless amounts of things you could say this stands for. One being, flags are bad and they make you sad. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that the creators of the Wingdings font would take the time to make the letters O, L, and D, when put together, give that message about flags. Another example that contradicts Microsoft’s supposed hatred toward Jewish people is the word HAPPY. Again, if HAPPY is typed in capital letters in Wingdings font, a finger pointing down, a peace sign, two flags and the Star of Davis will appear. This word has no inside meaning, and if anything, proves that the creators are not against Jews because the word happy is a positive, and cheerful one. Many people also have concern about the characters Q-3-3-N-Y when typed in the Wingdings font. A plane, two tower - looking objects, a skull and cross bones, and a Star of David will appear if Q33NY is typed in the font. Q33NY is said to be the flight number or tail number of one of the planes that crashed into the twin towers. According to,
“This theory is easily shown to have no validity as none of the aircraft used on that day bore the designation of ‘Q33’. It is often suggested that ‘Q33’ was a reference to a bus route, typically alleged to be

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