Winter Descriptive Writing

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It was a flurry and cold winter day, the kind of day when every breath stings the lungs and every exhale chills the lips. Living in Iowa, I was used to the frigid winter, but this unsuspecting day would forever change Emily Kriz. My mother and I had just entered the frosted glass doors at our local Michaels after having the usual tedious chat about keeping your hands to yourself and looking with our eyes, not our hands. I acted as though I was listening, adding in subtle head nods as I watched each individual snowflake fall crisply onto the ground, as if each had a strict road map to a anticipated location. Upon entering, we saw a winter wonderland. The fragrance of frosted pine wafted through the nipping air that had snuck in from the outdoors and tingled my petite fingers and toes. With every blink of the eye there was something newfangled and wondrous to look at. It had seemed as though Michaels was decorated for a gala, with only the finest and most stunning decorations on display, but with every piece of pristine decor in is precise spot. We browsed the aisles, with each aisle as colorful and exciting as the rest. We were nearing the end of the isles when I saw it, a display of candles that drew my eyes in like no other. My mom had turned her cart down the aisle filled with all the eyeful winter floral pieces, and at this moment I knew it was my time to do what I had been told not to, I needed to reach out and smell one of those candles that had tunneled my vision. I

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