Wireless Sensor Network ( Wsn )

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A wireless sensor network (WSN) is composed of a group of small power-constrained nodes with functions of sensing and communication, which can be deployed in a huge area for the purpose of detecting or monitoring some special events and then forwarding the aggregated data to the designated data center through sink nodes or gateways. In this case, the network connectivity and the sensing coverage are two of the most fundamental problems in wireless sensor networks. Designing an optimal area coverage (or node deployment) strategy that would minimize cost, reduce computation and communication overhead, be resilient to node failures, and provide a high degree of coverage with network connectivity is extremely challenging. Also, the network…show more content…
However, a group of sensors collaborating with each other can accomplish a much bigger task efficiently. They can sense and detect desired events/data from a field of interest, and then communicate with each other in an optimal fashion to perform data aggregation, and then route the aggregated data to sinks or base stations that can make application-specific decisions and link to the outside world via the Internet or satellites. One of the primary advantages of deploying a wireless sensor network is its ease-deployment and freedom from having a complicated wired communication backbone that is often inconvenient of deployment in the remote area. Hence, WSN technology has very broad application prospects, which can be used in military, industrial and agricultural control, urban management, biomedical, environmental testing, disaster relief and other fields. However, in many of these applications, the environment could be hostile and manual placement of sensor nodes might not be possible. In these situations, the nodes are expected to be deployed randomly or be sprinkled from airplanes and will remain unattended for weeks or months without any battery replenishment [4]. Therefore, energy conservation is a key issue in the design of systems based on WSNs. Due to the limited energy resource in each sensor node, we need to utilize the WSN in an

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