Wireless Sensor Networks ( Wsn )

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Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have grabbed much attention in recent years due to their potential use in many applications. One such application is deploying WSN in underground mines to monitor the miner 's physical signals as well as the environment they are exposed to. However, due to the resource constraints of sensor nodes and the adhoc-formation of the network, in addition with an unattended deployment, pose un-conventional demands provoke the need for special techniques for design and management of WSN. Because of the restrictions caused by the lossy dielectric walls and ceilings in the underground mines, the radio signal propagation characteristics are significantly different from those of terrestrial wireless channels. In this paper, underground WSN is designed considering worker’s safety in under-ground, increased energy efficiency and productivity as main goals.
Keywords: WSN, BS, Energy, Latency, Throughput


We assume a group of 15-20 miners are going down the given architecture to coal mine every day. Availability of power to the sensor node is the most important metric to be taken into consideration because the sensor node functionality is degraded if it is not aided with sufficient power supply. Dis-functioning of such sensor nodes might affect the functioning of the entire sensor network and safety of workers cannot be ensured. Batteries of mobile sensor suit of the worker can be charged or replaced if the energy is insufficient to monitor

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