Wolsey's Fall

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Assess the reasons behind Wolsey's fall

From the beginning of Henry VIII reign to 1529, Cardinal Wolsey was a influential figure and Henry's key advisor. However by 1529 Wolsey had been charged with praemunire and was due to be executed in November 1530. The most important reason for this was because of Wolsey's failure to obtain a divorce between Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII.

The main reason behind Wolsey's fall was his failure to obtain a divorce between Catherine of Argon and Henry VIII. Henry's desire to end his marriage began in 1527 in which Wolsey promised would be a quick and easy problem to resolve due to his influence with the pope. However after two years of waiting Henry became desperate for a divorce. Wolsey made …show more content…

Overall, the main reason for the fall of Wolsey was because of his failure to obtain a divorce. This resulted in a loss of power, and support from the king. Whereas the Amicable Grant and tensions with the nobles facilitated Wolsey's fall, they did not cause him to lose all of his power or the kings

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