Woodrow Wilson ' Not All Change Is Progress

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We live in a time were values are not what they use to be and are out weight by change and development. This mind set is the driving force for our society. As we grow and change so does the way we as a culture view the world and how we interact with the environment around us. But With that idea in mind people seem to start to sacrifice important value such as respect, self- determination, and humility. These values are not as common but equally important. These values can be seen taking place especially on a social level with people. But with these new changes people are losing sight of important values. that to me are important in any society .we as a culture are making changes, but as far as making any progress towards a bright future we are clearly miss guided. In the words of Woodrow Wilson “not all change is progress”. I in vison a society that has a balance of respect, self- determination, and humility as the values that are paired with the idea of change. Truly see any progress that could lead use to a better and brighter future.
As a very young boy was taught many different values that I would use though out my life. As I got older some of those values that I was taught started to stick out as being most important to me the first that was previses mention was respect, my grandmother taught me that value of respect and not just respect for one other but respect for the environment we live and thrive in. said that in order for society to grow and have a bright future

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