Wording In Israel Language Analysis

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Moreover, the Palestinian perspective in the following example uses strong words to gain the reader’s opinion. It can be seen that the Palestine-Israel Journal goes on to uses subjective word choice in order to do so. The journal also uses its language to identify Israel as an aggressor. This can be seen when the text reads:

“[M]any Palestinians and Arabs find a lot of positive elements in the resolution...This group of people believes the partition resolution could have saved 43 percent of Palestinian land from falling under Israeli control”. (33-35)

Phrases in this excerpt characterize the forming of Israel as unwanted, and imposed on Palestine. The partition plan was to be a “blueprint for peace”, but became an issue when “Arabs refused to accept it” (Hertz, Eli). From this passage the reader would construct their understanding to comprehend that the partitioning was much to the Palestinian’s dislike. And that Palestine needed to be “saved” from “Israeli control.”

Furthermore, another example of where the text seems to use harsh or persuading wording is found where the text goes on to read:

“This would have saved the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians killed during the conflict, and would have spared millions of Palestinians the humiliation, poverty and agony they had been experiencing in
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As seen in Alan Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel. Within his writing, Dershowitz highlights that his writing is both a “pro-Palestinian” and a “pro-Israel book”. But the wording within his writing shows that there is an inclination towards the Israeli perspective. Within one of Dershowitz chapters, he argues that Israel did not create the Arab Refugee problem. But instead the problem was created by a war initiated by the Arabs. Within this text, influential language is used to sway the reader favor the Israeli perspective. This can be seen when the text
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