Working With Children Who Have Behavioral Difficulties

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When working with children who have behavioural difficulties it is important that practitioners work in partnership with the child’s parents as they are they are the child 's first educator and they know the child best. “Parents are ‘children 's first and most enduring educators ' ( curriculum guidance for the foundation stage, QCA 2000, making partnership with parents and carers essential if early years practitioners are to plan effectively for a child’s learning” ( This could be done by the practitioner arranging meetings with the child 's parents as they will help practitioners to gain a better understanding of what methods the parents use at home in order to manage the child 's behaviour. Also in the setting …show more content…

This can be done by having regular meetings where they discuss and express their own feelings and thoughts about the strategies. These meetings could be carried out at home or in the setting. Also by working closely with behaviour therapist this will benefits the child as they are getting expert help. Also when working with children who have behavioural difficulties it is important that practitioners see the child as individual and not the same as the other children. This will provide a child centred practice. Some children may find it difficult to follow the class or school rules for many different reasons. This could result in the child having an individual behaviour plan and this will help manage the child 's behaviour. it is also important when working with children with behavioural needs to manage the methods being carried out but also the ones that don’t work for example some children may like the reward method by having stickers and others may prefer to have free choice. Also when working with a child that has behavioural needs it is important that the practitioner respects the families culture, customs and values. Some children may have grown up in a family that values their fathers me. It is important that the practitioners take these into account as the child may only listen to a male figure. Also some children may

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