Workplace Diversity Training

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Workplace diversity is dealing with the differences that employees have but it is also the celebration of these differences in the company’s work environment. Therefore, the company’s diversity training is very needful to building awareness and maintaining a cohesive work environment. In developing a diversity training program several things need to be considered such as: assessing the needs of the team, providing tangible materials that reflects the training requirements, as well as how the information will be presented to the employees. A successful implementation of diversity training allows the company to experience higher employee retention rates, greater morale, less lawsuits, and improved production. Allsup has many different departments…show more content…
It allows employees to be comfortable with who they are and where they come from while building healthy business relationships without being subject to bullying and discrimination. The training builds passionate, well-adjusted and comfortable employees by decreasing non-work-related pressures. Diversity training improves the quality of work put out by employees and increases productivity. The theories we will use are Social Learning and Adult Learning. We will do some role playing and other activities. The Social Learning Theory will be effective most with our role playing. Everyone will get a partner. The first person, which is the model, must take on the other person’s observed behaviors, values, beliefs and attitudes and identify with them. They both will have to internalize or adopt another person’s behavior. As they communicate, they will better understand some of the reasons why they respond the way they do. The Adult Learning Theory will teach each employee the value of mentoring. It does not matter if they are the mentor or the person being mentored. They will both see how important it is to respect the difference of opinion and how important it is to do what is right because others are watching to follow their…show more content…
We know that some people are set in their ways and do not want to change. However, supervisors are expected to stay on top of this kind of behavior and put an end to it. This type of behavior can be displayed in many ways. One popular way is that they become the company talebearer. They go around and try to point out to people different things going on and make them believe that change has not been effective. The situation must to be handled with care because the problem could be that employee has experienced some of the company’s inconsistency and has lost trust. At the same time, this employee can be damaging to office morale. Therefore, company policies must be carried out even to the point of
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